SAVVI LEADERSHIP: 5 Essential Elements to Maximize Leadership Potential

(Keynote, Breakout, or 10-week Course format)

Great leadership starts with leading oneself effectively first. SAVVI Leadership teaches 5 essential elements that all successful leaders need, to harness their highest leadership potential and become leaders worth following.

ACHIEVING TEAM SUCCESS: Adopting a Herd Mentality to Help Your Company Thrive

(Keynote or Breakout)

What if Darwin had it wrong? What if “survival of the fittest” was not the paradigm by which we were meant to live life and evolve as a species. Achieving Team Success introduces an opposing and more collaborative paradigm — one that encourages teamwork, supports innovation, and leads to greater results in teams and leadership.

SUCCESSFUL TO THE CORE: Connecting Core Values to Success in Life & Business

(Keynote or Breakout Workshop format)

Why do some people never find happiness and fulfillment no matter how successful their lives or careers seem from the outside? Are success and fulfillment on opposites ends of a spectrum? In this thought-provoking presentation, Susanne shares anecdotes and soul-searching questions to help the audience awaken their inner vision of what matters most to reignite engagement and create success in both business and life.

RAISED BY HORSES: Seeing & Solving Problems Through the Eyes of a Horse

(Keynote or Experiential EAPD Workshop format)

Albert Einstein said, “We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” Raised By Horses takes a look at herd dynamics and offers a different approach to team building, innovation, and problem solving.

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Over the years I have heard many talks on strategies for success but Susanne’s is by far the most useful. She actually provides the tools to do it! Her advice on how to re-assess our goals, re-focus and re-commit to them is basic yet powerful. Her focus on a “goal getting action plan” and not just “goal setting” is what we need to ‘just do it’. And her talk on how to “fix the inner game” with consistent action on our goals is key.

Susanne Hemet gave the Business and Professional Women of Barrie great tools to achieve our goals, whatever they may be!

Teresa Habs

Membership Chair, BPW Barrie

I sincerely appreciated Susanne Hemet facilitating our team building afternoon. Susanne’s expertise provided us with a great opportunity to enhance our team; working more productively, and cohesively together. I was impressed with her organization and implementation of the team building exercises. We will benefit from this worthwhile experience.

Joan Kennedy, RN

Managing Director, Seasons Centre for Grieving Children

Susanne’s message could not have been any more perfect for what our audience needed to do to successfully move forward together as a committed group. The analogy of herd mentality in horses clearly highlighted the style of leadership we should be striving for. Her words also struck a chord for me on a personal level, and I will continue to remember her advice on empowerment and values. Susanne delivered a wonderfully inspiring speech – it was exactly what we needed.

Tara Bailey

Vice President of Fundraising, Barrie Federal Liberal Association

Susanne was a wonderful guest speaker. She engaged the students with a well-prepared and interesting presentation that generated student participation and interaction. Her presentation was interesting from both the perspective of what it takes to be successful in managing the school/life/work balance and for the in-depth insights on an innovative approach to time management. Susanne’s personal, warm presentation style made it an enjoyable experience for the students and I will definitely invite her back to speak to other classes next term and beyond.

Kari O'Neill

Instructor, Georgian College School of Design and Visual Arts