My Story


I’m Susanne Hemet, the founder of Collective Herd, and it’s my mission to transform your life by giving you the guidance you need to be the leader you were meant to be – both for yourself and those who look to you.

Today, I’m an author, the owner of a successful business, equestrian, and a best friend and mom with plenty of time for family, self-development, hobbies, and rest. I had the freedom to move closer to my children when they went away to school, and I love my life.

It wasn’t always this way, though. There was a time when I considered packing it all in and declaring bankruptcy. I will never forget the feeling of sitting in my office, completely broke, unable to pay for my mortgage and my bills, even though I wanted to.

The prospect of having to ask anyone for financial help made me feel like a failure.

That’s when it hit me: it was time to make a change.

And making a change meant taking responsibility for how I was leading my life. I hired a mentor on credit and that was the catalyst for a domino effect of miracles that set the stage for Collective Herd to become the company it is today.

Over the course of my career I’ve built several companies, and I’ve helped my students do the same because it’s my mission and my passion to ensure professionals and entrepreneurs have the help they need to step into their highest potential (by being the best leaders they can be, first to themselves and then to others) to get their powerful gifts out there and create financial freedom while they do it.